Real Estate Maverick’s Masterclass: Unveiling Multifamily Millions with Josh Cantwell

multifamily millions

Today we have a true real estate titan: Josh Cantwell. He’s not just a real estate investor; he’s a maestro of multifamily transactions, a mentor to countless aspiring investors, and the host of the illustrious Accelerated Investor Podcast, where he’s chatted with some of the biggest names in the business world, from Kevin O’Leary to Barbara Corcoran and even Donald Trump Jr. Now that’s a lineup that’s hard to beat!

Josh is the CEO of Freeland Ventures and founded Strategic Real Estate Coach in 2007, a platform that allowed him to share his wisdom and guide countless apprentice partners and students toward their own real estate triumphs.

In this captivating conversation, Josh peeled back the layers on his transition from financial markets to real estate, sharing how his expertise in capital raising became a potent tool in his real estate endeavors. He shared how he turned the corner from traditional investing to multifamily deals, offering invaluable advice on locating and seizing the most lucrative opportunities.

Josh walked us through his systematic approach to structuring multifamily transactions, sharing tactical insights on negotiation strategies that have consistently secured him profitable deals.

This episode is a masterclass in real estate entrepreneurship, imparting lessons that extend far beyond property transactions and into the realm of true wealth mastery.

In This Episode

  1. Tactical insights into multifamily deals
  2. The importance of community and building relationships
  3. Structuring and syndication of multifamily transactions in the current market
  4. The success formula of Peak Performance

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