Private Money Mastery: Proven Tactics from a Leading Lending Expert

private money mastery

Today we had the pleasure of sitting down with the incredible Jay Conner, a real estate mogul whose success story is nothing short of inspiring. Jay’s journey in the real estate industry began in 2003 in a modest town of 40,000 people, where he started buying and selling houses.

Fast forward to today, and Jay’s profits are soaring, averaging an impressive $78,000 per deal! With over 475 houses rehabbed and a staggering $118 million in transactions under his belt, Jay has truly mastered the art of real estate investment.

His passion for motivating and educating fellow real estate investors shines through as he shares his expertise on raising private money without ever having to ask for it. With over 2,000 real estate investors personally coached by Jay, it’s clear that his knowledge and guidance are invaluable to those seeking success in the industry.

Jay shared his expertise on the art of raising private money without the need to directly ask for it, highlighting the importance of building genuine relationships and trust within the real estate community. With his wealth of experience as a commercial developer and seasoned investor, Jay’s guidance on personal development resonated deeply, inspiring listeners to cultivate a mindset of growth and resilience.

In This Episode

  1. Jay’s background and how he started buying and selling houses using private money lending

  2. The importance of Private Money Lending versus Institutional Money

  3. The important lessons he learned in the industry and being in this business

  4. Lending process and the ideal borrower qualifications

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