Maximize Your Wealth Through Tax-Efficient Strategies

tax-efficient strategies

Today we have an incredible guest joining us, Mitchell Day, a specialty tax manager with Provision PLC, brings over twenty years of taxation experience to the table. His expertise lies in tax planning for the real estate, construction, banking, and multi-state sectors.

Mitchell’s impressive background includes working in various roles in both public accounting and industry. But before embarking on his successful accounting career, Mitchell served as an investment advisor in Canada. This unique perspective allows him to provide valuable insights and strategies to his clients.

In this episode, Mitchell shares his expertise on a variety of topics, including consolidated returns, tax provision, and income tax planning. His breadth of knowledge and practical experience will provide our listeners with actionable insights to optimize their wealth strategies.

He also talks about understanding unique financial goals, Mitchell identifies how his expertise and knowledge over the years can help people achieve long-term success while maximizing tax efficiency.

Discover tax-efficient strategies that can take your financial goals to new heights.

In This Episode

  1. Insights into the process of estimating and accounting for income taxes in financial statements.
  2. Exploring the tax implications and benefits of utilizing structured financing methods in various financial transactions
  3. Proven strategies and approaches for optimizing income tax planning to minimize tax burdens and maximize wealth accumulation
  4. The upcoming changes in tax planning and how you and your business can adapt

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