Mastering Passive Income: Lessons from a Seasoned Investor

passive income

In today’s episode, we had the honor of having Bronson Hill, the Managing Member of Bronson Equity. With an impressive portfolio boasting 2000 multifamily units valued at over $200 million, Bronson is a powerhouse in real estate investment.

He’s also the co-leader of the thriving in-person multifamily meetup, Investor to Investor (ITI), based in Glendale, CA. Bronson shared insights gleaned from his extensive experience, having engaged personally with over 1500 investors, raising an astounding $40 million for real estate ventures and his innovative ATM Machine Fund deals.

One of the highlights of our conversation was Bronson’s exclusive mastermind for affluent passive investors. Within this community, members are offered unparalleled investment opportunities in a growth-oriented environment. Bronson’s commitment to providing value and fostering growth within his community is truly commendable.

Bronson’s deep understanding of the investor mindset is evident not just in his achievements but also in his dedication to education. As the host of The Mailbox Money Show, he’s committed to empowering others on their journey to financial freedom. His book, “Fire Yourself; Replace Your Working Income with Passive Income in 3 Years or Less,” serves as a blueprint for those looking to break free from the chains of traditional employment.

Tune in to this episode as we delve deep into the strategies and principles behind Bronson Hill’s remarkable success and uncover the secrets to achieving financial independence through strategic investing.

In This Episode

  1. Insights from his book Fire Yourself; Replace Your Working Income with Passive Income in 3 Years or Less

  2. His expert insight and perspective about passive investing vs growth

  3. Bronson’s personal investment thesis and stand with the current market economic cycle

  4. The importance of mindset, vision and having long term goals

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