The World’s First Mastermind & Virtual Family Office

The Pantheon Mastermind and Family Office’s mission is to 10X your Wealth and Create Unlimited Freedom 

Exclusively curated for ambitious entrepreneurs and those seeking to create 8-9 figure legacy wealth.

If you don’t 10X your investment we don’t want you to come back next year.

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  • Tired of gambling your future on the stock market and want to build massive passive income?
  • Investing in syndications and alternatives but don’t have a comprehensive strategy to maximize results and manage the downside
  • Fear making a mistake that could result in a 10%+ portfolio loss
  • Need to solve challenging problems like having a liquidity event, tax mitigation or asset repositioning
  • Need a team of superior advisors to support your journey


  • Leverage the Holistic Wealth Strategy to create a systematic and comprehensive wealth strategy to protect and multiply your wealth
  • Get access to proprietary dashboards and calculators to measure and monitor your progress
  • Solve your most challenging financial problems 
  • Collaborate with other accredited investors in our genius network
  • Learn from our top shelf faculty of alternative advisors on key topics: Taxes, Asset Protection, Infinite Banking, Private Equity, Mindset 


  • 10X your wealth and realize unlimited freedom
  • Build a wealth team to reach your goals
  • Transform your mindset to enjoy unlimited freedom of money, time, purpose, & relationships
  • Increase Your Financial, Health, Mindset & Relationship IQ
  • Build a Wealth Infrastructure To Guide Your Journey
  • Build a Scalable Portfolio That Weathers Any Economic Environment