Empowering Business Owners: Expert Guide to Wealth and Asset Protection

empowering business owners

In this episode, we are thrilled to welcome Mark J. Kohler, M.PR.A., C.P.A., J.D., a distinguished Founding and Senior Partner at KKOS Lawyers. Mark is renowned for his expertise in tax, legal, wealth, estate, and asset protection planning. Mark has dedicated his career to helping clients navigate the intricate landscapes of legal and financial matters to achieve their American Dream.

As a co-founder and Board Member of the Directed IRA Trust Company, Mark has been at the forefront of innovative financial solutions, launching the Main Street Certified Tax Advisor Program to empower CPAs and Enrolled Agents across the nation.

During our conversation, Mark delves into the importance of asset protection and tax strategy for entrepreneurs and small business owners, offering invaluable advice on how to build and preserve wealth.

He also breaks down complex topics such as legal and tax strategies, asset protection, investing, and wealth growth into understandable and actionable insights. Mark’s commitment to simplifying the complexities of the financial world has made him a trusted expert and a beacon for those seeking financial security and business success.

In This Episode

  1. Importance of asset protection and tax strategy for entrepreneurs and business owners

  2. Tips for building and preserving wealth in today’s financial landscape

  3. Practical advice for achieving financial security and business success

  4. Importance of financial education and empowerment for CPAs and Enrolled Agents

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