Breaking Ground: The Power of Mindset Shift & Productivity Hacks for Investors

productivity hacks for investors

In this episode, we had the privilege of having Mr. Rick Jordan. A magnetic CEO whose ascent to the zenith of success was forged through unwavering determination and a treasury of hard-earned wisdom.

Rick’s journey reads like a saga of triumph, highlighted by appearances on nationwide networks including CBS, Fox, NewsNation, and Cheddar, solidifying his status as a sought-after personality in the business realm. As the founder of ReachOut, Rick’s efforts took the company from its startup phase to a publicly traded entity, an accomplishment achieved without the reliance on external funding from private equity firms.

Throughout our captivating conversation, Rick generously shared invaluable insights on various pivotal aspects of his journey to success. One highlight was his deep dive into the business framework that catapulted ReachOut to the organization that it is today. His strategic approach, encompassing innovative methodologies and a relentless focus on execution, served as a blueprint for entrepreneurial success.

We also talked about investor’s self-limiting beliefs and mindset. Rick delved into the psychology that often hampers investors, exploring the subtle yet potent barriers that hinder their success. His keen observations illuminated the significance of mindset in navigating the volatile landscape of investments.

In This Episode

  1. His company’s journey from startup to a publicly traded company

  2. Recognition and overcoming of self-imposed limitations for investor’s confident decision-making

  3. The importance of a transformative mindset in navigating current market fluctuations

  4. His daily routines and productivity hacks optimizing efficiency and time management

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