Achieving Financial Independence and Living Life to the Fullest with Dr. Tom Burns

financial independence

In this episode, we dive into the fascinating journey of Dr. Tom Burns, an entrepreneur, retired orthopedic surgeon, and physician for the United States Ski Team. With over 25 years of real estate experience, having acquired or developed over $700 million of real estate locally and internationally, Dr. Burns is an expert in the field.

He is also the co-founder and principal of Presario Ventures, a private real estate company focused on apartment development and private equity in Texas and the Sunbelt. Dr. Burns is the author of Why Doctors Don’t Get Rich, a best-selling personal finance book for those who want to live life to the fullest.

Dr. Tom shares in this podcast his remarkable story of transitioning from medicine to real estate, achieving financial independence, and creating a life of abundance. Discover the principles outlined in his best-selling book and learn how you can take control of your financial future, live life to the fullest, and embark on thrilling adventures through the Rich Life Mastermind.

He also talks about his journey and the steps taken to break free from financial constraints. Dr. Tom emphasizes the importance of mindset shifts and practical strategies to attain financial independence.

Join us in this enlightening episode to discover how you can take charge of your financial future and live a life of abundance through the Rich Life.

In This Episode

  1. The value of combining medical expertise with business acumen and how it influenced Dr. Burns’ entrepreneurial journey.
  2. His deep enthusiasm for traveling and the enlightening experiences he acquired.
  3. Practical strategies for managing personal finances, and creating wealth.
  4. The role of real estate investments, new developments in achieving long-term financial stability.
  5. Achieving financial independence to live the life you want.

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